Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong
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Minggu, 28 Agustus 2011

[Article] Korean star Kim Hyun Joong meets 74-year-old Filipina fan


On his second day in Manila, The Korean Actor and Singer Kim Hyun Joong once again appeared to the press for his endorsement of The Face Shop.

The Press Conference was held August 26 at Palm Grove Rockwell. The star of Boys Over Flowers and Playful Kiss answered about his grooming secrets. He loves to use moisturizer (BB Cream, TFS) to maintain his soft and smooth skin. He just proves that beauty products are not for women only but can also be use by gentlemen like him, to be able to maintain the young and healthy skin.

Aside from the beauty Q&A, The Face Shop Philippines announced the winner of the charity auction that was held last August 18-21. They auctioned the gray sport shorts w/ signature which Kim Hyun Joong mostly used it in his dance rehearsals.

The winner is Maria Rosario Ragasa, a judge, which her reason to join is because of her 74 year old mother Patria Ragasa a very loyal and avid fan of the previous lead singer SS501, The event host, Grace Lee told everyone that Patria made a “Kim Hyun Jonng Shrine” at the room of her daughter because she really likes the actor so much. They always go to Korea to see the actor and to have just a photo with him, but it never happened. When the family found out about the action Maria Rosario told her mother, “Mom, I will try my best to win this for you so you can take a photo with him.”

As per Maria Rosario this is her gift with her mother which is also celebrating her 74th birthday on the same day the auction was held. This is one way of thanking her mother who cared primarily continued her stoked recently.

Kim Hyun Joong immediately went down to see them. Patria gave a scrapbook which she made it personally, and Kim Hyun Joong immediately hug her tight. Patria and Maria Rosario were both in teary eyed when they met the Hallyu Star.

Did not even understand much of the said Hyun Joong to mother (because it speaks in Korean), striking turn to face its heartfelt thanks to the support of his fans not only in its programs and music, but as its charity projects.

After the brief meeting the student’s mother Ragasa and KimHyun Joong is reached that the representative of Korean actor Abiertas House of Friendship, the beneficiary of the auction, the check worth Php100, 000.

Additionally, Grace Lee also announced that Kim Hyun Joonghimself personally also gave one million pesos donation center to help emotional and spiritual healing of unwed mothers in the country.

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