Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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Jumat, 01 Juli 2011

[Translation] 20110623 Kim Hyun Joong @Radio OJH music plaza

Hoaaaaa...thanks to Cherkoo for translation...^^

credit: bosuhjvn@YT and Cherkoo of Kim Hyun Joong Soompi

KHJ is her surprise guest.

KHJ greets and says that he has returned as a man. KHJ used to worry that his solo comeback won’t be as good as the group. But now his way of thinking has changed; he will do as well as he has practiced. OJH agrees with him. She cannot believe that once a baby-like Hyunjoong has now indeed become a very cool man. KHJ says that because it has been a long time since he last saw Ok, he feels like he has become a baby again in front of her. Laughter OJH also feels that it has been so long ago. She jokingly refers to him as a baby animal that must have now lost all his baby fuzz. KHJ says that now he shaves two times a day.

OJH asks the listeners to send in their thoughts or judgments about what KHJ might be like, such as KHJ would never get drunk no matter how much he drinks or that KHJ would fiercely chase after woman he likes. Among them 4 would be picked for signed KHJ solo CD and a Polaroid pix of KHJ from the studio. KHJ says that he already took pix and signed it. He thinks he looks a bit awkward in the pix but Ok says that that is OK and that is his charm.

KHJ introduces his new solo album Break Down. He wanted to show that he has become a man through the cd and he feels good that people are agreeing with him as well as he has hoped. OK says that after one week of comeback, he ranked number 1 on a music program and, since the official sale started, his cd sold 100,000 in two weeks. OK asks If he analyzed the secret to such a result. He says there is nothing to analyze. Purely, his fans have bought lots of CD to make him number 1 and he has seen his fans working together to posts sales. She says he must feel so good and KHJ says he is very fortunate. She feels like she wants to work with him.

For those who are finding out for the first time about his new solo CD, OK asks him to promote it on air in any way he likes. He says, to say a word to those who do not yet have his CD, he wants to say that it is a good album. All 5 songs are great to the point that he feels that all songs can actually be title songs. He says that he really worked hard for a year to prepare for the album. He does not want to push people to buy the CD. OK chimes in to say they can also download? KHJ says that if people have 660 won to spare, he would appreciate it they would download the song.

OK laughs and says that such a way of talking: “buy album or download for 660won” is KHJ’s charm. She says that he has the guts/shamelessness to come up with statements that no one would expect. She thinks that is one of his great charms that draw people to him. KHJ says that his agency becomes alarmed by his statements and made a request for him to better monitor and control his talks. But he says that he does not curse on air. In the beginning he tried to be careful but then he ended up not talking as much. So he decided to just do what he does. OK agrees with him and encourages him to continue what he has been doing.

@ 2:25 they listen to Break Down. OK praises BD, saying that she could feel the temperature burning up. KHJ thanks her and says that a person can get its real taste by not only listening but also seeing the performance at the same time.

People have sent in their thoughts:

1 You were seen once buying a hand phone that you were advertising. This time, did you also buy your own solo CD as well? KHJ says that he did not yet buy the album. However, he bought the very first 100 limited edition of the album which comes out numbered from 1 to 10,000. He bought it with his own money. Ok asks him to whom he will give those limited editions? KHJ says that he also bought the edition with the number 8666 which indicates his birthday. He wants to keep the number 1 edition and he plans to give out the rest to his friends and supporters. (I wonder if he will give the number 8666 to his parents.??) OK says that there might have been people who may have really wanted the first edition. KHJ says that may be so, but he wanted it more. OK thought the way he spoke is very cute.

2 Joohyun noona and KHJ used to be from the same talent agency. What was the first impression and was JH good to you? KHJ says that when he was a trainee, Joohyun noona was coming out with a solo song called “Catch”. He says that he and other trainees use to practice dance moves with her song. Ok is very surprised. OK asks if his first impression of her was that he was scared. KHJ says that he could not even talk with her. He says, rather than being afraid, it was more the feeble feeling being next to a great sunbae. Ok says that she often started conversation with him. He agrees but, as a trainee, he only felt the burden and the fear. OK says that she understands that feeling which is normal. She says that she would initiate lots of talks with him and he would respond with maybe half of that. If she would praise him and that she thinks he would succeed, he would only stutter a simple Thank You to her. OK asks if he is OK with her now. He says yes and it just feels like the feeling of seeing somebody after a long time. Ok says yes I am a noona.

OK says that she just remembered a situation when KHJ once made Ok react very suddenly and very strongly. She says that KHJ has a talent for saying something with calm coolness as if it is no big deal. One time, Ok was a DJ at another radio station and KHJ asked her if her younger brother still ride the motorcycle. The issue was that at that time, nobody in her family including herself knew that her younger brother even owned a motorcycle. She says that KHJ’s statement at that time created a havoc in her house. KHJ asked if he was still riding the motorcycle. OK confirms and says that two days before she mentioned to her family, her mother already knew and the roof was being flown out when she found out. KHJ says he is sorry. She says that her younger brother is listening to her now from the army and he has no idea that HJ told her that story at the time. KHJ says that he met Ok SeungJae at the YoungDong High School before he dropped out. He says that he met him often as Ok Seung Jae was a classmate of KHJ’s friend. He was very curious about him as his sister is a celebrity. He also saw that he was riding around in a motorcycle. Ok laughs out loud and says that he was really crazy. KHJ thought that perhaps OkJooHyun bought him the motorcycle. OK says never. She says that her brother was nearly kicked out of the house naked.

3 KHJ looks like he would prefer a girlfriend who is nice rather than pretty. KHJ says no. He likes pretty woman who also is very nice.

4. If he likes someone, I think KHJ would relate to her in an even more chic and uncaring way on purpose. KHJ says the he does not do it on purpose. Because he is very uncomfortable with unfamiliar people in general and very shy that, if he likes an opposite sex, he may appear mooshim=absentminded or disinterested. Ok says that then the other person would not know whether he likes her or not. He says that is why he likes the person by himself silently and that is where it ends. Ok comments that it feels so empty and futile. KHJ smiles. (This statement by KHJ is different from what he said in Night After Night Show where he said that he used to keep his feelings to himself but now he does not do that. He said that he now has the courage to ‘carpe diem’ and do what he feels inside----maybe this is one of the things that his agency told him to tone down??? Kekeke—just a thought…ke)

5. Another person wrote in that she thinks that KHJ would take an hour-long shower not because he is obsessive about cleanliness but because he is thinking about other things. KHJ says that it is not an hour but he thinks he may take a shower about 30 minutes long. Since he cut his hair he uses lots of hair products to keep it neat. But one time, he was losing hair and found out it is because he did not wash off the spray well. So, now he washes twice and rinses twice so that he can thoroughly take out all the residue of hair products. He was told to use hot water so that the spray material can melt out of his scalp. Ok says, so such cleaning method keeps him at shower long. Yes.

6.Then, OK asks KHJ to read the listeners’ posts himself and select the ones he is interested in. He reads the one that says: KHJ seems like he plans to have about 5 kids when he marries. KHJ says it cannot be. KHJ says that he only wants to have 4. Ok that that is a lot too. He says that his dream is to have 2 girls and 2 boys. OK says that that does not happen as one wishes. KHJ says really? Is it because of me? Ok says it is not an automatic ?? (I am not perfect at deciphering certain Korean words..sorry…but I think you get the point.) KHJ says that “the person in the future would be suffering at least for 5 years. That it is a long time.” OK says that he has to earn a lot of money. KHJ says that is why he is trying hard to earn. He also says that if he does not have the sufficient ability to earn to support at least 4 kids, he will not even marry. OK says really? Ok says that when she attends his wedding later she will make sure to bring lots of money. KHJ says Thank you. She asks if he is thanking her in advance and he says yes. Laughter

7. OK reads: KHJ seems like a type to be easily fooled when it comes to money. That he would not even know that he is cheated and even come out thanking the other person. KHJ kind of agrees. He says that he would give 5000won if taxi fee came out to be 4200 and tell the driver to keep it. He takes the other person’s word for what something costs and he does not really question it.

8. Another person wrote in that KHJ seems the type to dream about exploring the space and conquering it one day. OK asks if he dreams about things that are unrealistic. KHJ says it is very real to him. He says that soon space travel is a possibility and he has heard that it will cost about 2-uk. for a 30minute tour. He feels that it will be a big pity to die without seeing the space. He says that one of his reasons for diligently saving money is that he wants to see the space and the “deep sea”—(maybe he is talking about the deep space and not the deep sea??) OK says that she hopes that his dream comes true and shehopes that she can hop along if there is a space next to KHJ. KHJ says yes let us go together. He asks if she ever had any surgery because then space travel is not possible. Ok says then she cannot do it. KHJ says that if she had stomach surgery or something, it is not possible. She thought he meant any surgery like eye-lift cosmetic surgery. Since she has no stomach surgery, she can still go to space. So they say let us go together.

9. KHJ seems like a type of person who cannot say no. He agrees. He especially cannot say no if people ask to borrow money. So he has many loans out. When he is driving, he sometimes sees ad about services that get back loans. Sometimes he would call them to find out about the service. He would ask them if they use force or threats to try to get the money back. They assure him that they work within the law. But they take 20 to 30 percent of the money. Ok is amazed that he really did call those services and she is laughing and calling him really funny. However, KHJ is currently deferring the option as he really does not want to lose that 20 to 30 percent either. So, KHJ requests on the radio, while cracking up, to all those who borrowed money from him and did not yet return, that they should not make the matter worse than it is and to just return the money as soon as possible.

Kiss Kiss is heard @ 0:15 and which will be KHJ’s second performing song when he makes the music program circle again.

OK says that she would be very curious as to what kind of clothes he would be wearing to sing this song. He says that the concept has not come out yet. Codi noonas has suggested wearing Rugby outfit or Amercan college fellow/oppa style (yellow green yellow green patterns) but KHJ has said no to those ideas. So, Ok asks him what he wants. He says he has hard time coming up with the right concept for the song and he asks if they have any ideas to post them with pictures and colors on the company sites. Ok thinks that really good looking people do not need too much decoration on their clothes but a simple shirt would look really good—like a white shirt or a sky blue shirt. KHJ says that he will try to do with a white shirt. OK laughs and thanks him for listening to her with care.

10 Another fan wrote in that KHJ seems like the type who would stand up to sunbaes’ and not become timid in front of them. KHJ says that he was very timid in front of sunbaes. When he was attending high school and the sunbaes would line up the lower classmen, he would do what they asked him to do. Ok asked if he did what they asked him to do even when they would tell him to sprawl on the floor (usually for beatings), he would comply. If they were going to hit him 4 times, he would take it biting his tongue. Others would roll out crying in pain but he would not budge because, if he rolls out in pain, he knew he would get beaten all over again. (I heard about these types of punishments or initiations especially in Korean army but I did not know that it went on even in high school. That is scary!! ) Both KHJ and Ok are laughing about it Ok says you take it well. KHJ says that his style was to get hit and then just get up.

11 KHJ seems like the type to bring about positive change in a somewhat negative environment. (I tend to agree with this.) KHJ says that if the atmosphere is negative, he tends to stay out of it. One time, he and his friend were having soju at a place nearby the practicing studio. While he went to the bathroom, his friend started an argument with the next door table. He saw that it may become big and decided to just go home. Ok felt that it was the wise thing to do. KHJ felt that he is no longer 18 or 19 who would stand by and fight with a friend out of loyalty. He is now 26 and has many staff members who work hard for him. OK repeats how wise he is in his decisions and she also says that the firm is very happy with him too because she sees them smiling outside. He says he promise to be a good celebrity.

12 KHJ seems like the type to fall asleep anywhere and everywhere. He says that in the past he was like that; he slept anywhere he fell down. But, since the solo album came out, he says he has not been able to sleep. Ok asks if it is stress. KHJ says that his schedule is full and so is stress. As soon as he is lying on the bed, his head is full of thoughts about the next song, next performance, next concept, etc. Then he would go to the computer room and search for any clips that would satisfy him. Then when he returns to bed, he would be thinking about the next song. OK says he seems to be worrying a great deal and he agrees.

13 Another person wrote in to ask for yes or no answers on his ideal type of woman. She asked if he likes white-skinned or dark-skinned woman. Ok tells him to say Yes if he prefers the first one as opposed to latter one. KHJ says Yes (white-skin). Do you like glamour or ?malakangi?=very skinny or thin. He said Yes (glamour). Do you like bikini or one-piece bathing suit? He asks if it is for his woman? Ok says for his woman and KHJ says No (one-piece for his woman). Do you like woman who can catch bugs well or not? He says Yes (one who can catch bugs well). KHJ says that he is scared of bugs (OMG, he sounds more like the real Goo JoonPyo!! Kekeke) and he is especially scared of moth. Ok says he sounds just like her. KHJ says that he is also scared of cicada. When he was doing drama near the wooded areas, he often made NG’s because he was scared of the bugs that may fly around or towards him.

Ok says that sadly their time is up. They did not even answer many of the questions yet and she abruptly asks him if he can come tomorrow. He is thinking hard and thinks that he cans come because he is doing Music Bank which is in the same vicinity. Ok laughs and says to him to just come another time. (she was teasing him or testing him. Keke) She really thinks it wonderful that he does not give light answers but he carefully thinks about things and treat people seriously. She says again that is his charm. He also says that he thought he could come but that his agency just told him that he cannot come tomorrow because he has to do a special edition.

Ok asks him to say goodbye to the listeners. He says that he promise to be a very hard working singer through Break Down. If you can spare 660won, please try to get a download of the song. (Behind, I could hear Ok giggling at his promotion. OJH really enjoyed his company on her show.) She asks him to come back soon. Both say Thank you very much. (KHJ seemed very comfortable and very open on this radio program.)

Song PLEASE is played.

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