Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong
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Minggu, 03 Juli 2011

[Trans] Kim Hyun Joong will release his next album in October!

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P/S: I’m sorry I don’t know the exact Eng trans for 大口.. Tell me if you know! Thanks!


“Hello, I’m Kim Hyun Joong!

Came to Daejeon, a bit far away so I reached late, for around 15 mins, I’m sorry!

I thought I could see many local people here in Daejeon, instead I see many familiar faces that I’ve seen in Seoul~

Any Daejeon people? (Fans: Yes~~)

So my visit is meaningful~~

Because Seoul’s friends are kinda greedy so~~

Daejeon, I will visit here often~

Today’s fansign event ended, very happy to be able to see Daejeon fans~

Of course, also happy to see fans who came here from Seoul, and Busan, 大口, Gangwon-do

Met 1 appa-level fan for the 1st time since my 1st fansign event, came here for his daughter I suppose~

Thanks for your support!

Fansign event in 大口 tomorrow, then in Busan for the day after tomorrow, although I don’t know what Daejeon’s famous snacks are,

I’ll remember to try them when I’m on my way back home~

If you can go to 大口 tomorrow, you can try their tteokbokki(spicy fried rice cake), it’s quite delicious~

For my next album, I might not promote it for a long period of time like now, estimated to be approximately 1 month~

But I sure will hold fansign events in various places!

I want to meet my fans every time I release a new album~~

The next album should be released in October, I already have the song list~

Concert will probably be held in November, or maybe December~~

Perhaps I shall hold my 1st concert in Seoul to begin my concert tour~

If I hold it in Daejeon, I’m afraid I can’t gather all fans~ hoho

I hope everyone can attend my Seoul concert~ Thanks everyone!!"

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