Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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Kamis, 28 Juli 2011

[Trans] Kim Hyun Joong @ MBC “ShimShimTapa” Radio FM [11.07.24]

credit: missshiyun@YT

English Trans Credit: CHEERKO @ Soompi

This trans took a while for me as it was somewhat silly and not very informative..but here it is and enjoy.

Shim Shim Top Top July 24, 2011

Two guests are KHJ and Nabi. They sing about prizes to the music of Secret’s Shy Boy. (ParGR does not sing very well?? Surprised!! Isn’t she a lead singer of Kara?? KHJ was also kind of weak but not bad. But Nabi is really good! Heard her the first time here. Sory~~ just my opinion.) MC’s are trying to have a fun show by finding out what is common about the two singers—but in a funny and very contrived way.

Shin Dong could not remember if KHJ was a guest before since Park Gyuri joined the cast.

Gyuri says that KHJ came a lot to their radio show and scolds Shindong’s inattentiveness.

Shin asks if KHJ and Nabi have met before. KHJ says that it is his first time to talk with her. Nabi first saw KHJ (by watching his Break Down performance on TV as well as by being in same music programs). She says that he is very pretty like a flower-handsome guy and that is why she was even more amazed by his muscles. Shin says that KHJ is referred to as the black charisma these days and asks how he maintains the charisma. KHJ says that he basically exercises and he wears black sunglasses. Eyeliner does not do the trick. The eyeliner runs due to sweat so he put on dark glasses instead. Without it, it is hard to give off the strong image. Powerful dance is hard but he is enjoying the long and hard work that brought him this far. He practiced 7 hours a day. Gyuri asks if the choreography was hard. KHJ says that he memorized the choreography very easily but to come up with the mood and the atmosphere of entire dance took him 4 months. . Break Down is heard.

KHJ and Nabii are meeting for the first time. KHJ’s first impression of Nabi was through the 4 Men concert last December. He thought Nabi was noona at that time and not someone his own age. He says he was walking around College Road alone that night and ran from train station to the concert. KHJ says that he tends to think of good female singers as Noona. (does that make sense?? Maybe he was trying to apologize for calling her looking older than her age. Keke )
Nabi initially thought that KHJ would be haughty and arrogant because he does not talk much and he seems aloof with people. But she thought his muscles are amazing. She thought that since he is an idol, he would not be so developed. Shin says that most likely KHJ may have received lots of misunderstanding about himself due to his good looks. KHJ says that he does not consider himself haughty and tries to get along as comfortably as possible. But he says he “tends to have lots of “soot-ghi”=manly boldness/openness? that he usually finds it difficult to start a conversation with new people. Shin repeats what KHJ says…KHJ asks if he is supposed to say he does not have much soot-ghi instead.

(According to Korean dictionary, one is supposed to say one does not have much sootghi to mean that he can be shy and diffident. But KHJ used it wrong. KHJ brings out laughter by misusing words, mispronouncing words as well as being very clever with words and phrases. This may be a small part of his 4-D nature! And Shiin is a very nice and very funny mc!! He reminds me a bit of mc Yoo JaeSuk who is also very polite yet so funny and so considerate to his guest. That is why they call him the national mc!)—This is my first time hearing Shin as the main mc and he is very personable and funny and kind! ) Shin says it is OK and does make correction for KHJ but he did it in a very considerate way and hardly noticeable. KHJ says that he can basically say hello and that is about it. If that other person approaches him and strikes up conversation, then he can be more comfortable and talk more. Shin says, so, the start may be hard but once you become close, you are friends forever. KHJ agrees. KHJ says that it is difficult for his “choker to crack” (KHJ can be creative in creating image as he speaks!) Shin hopes that KHJ will today.
Both KHJ and Nabi are born in 1986. Nabi says that there is a 1986 Club and asks KHJ to join.KHJ says he likes things like that. Shin Dong says that the group is led by SUJU’s EunHyuk and so does not recommend it. (laughter)

Nabi has a new song called Diary about a daughter who steals her mother’s diary and sing about it. Nabi is also part of SM?—Shin Dong says she is part of the family. (Here, Park Gyuri mispronounces KHJ’s name as Kim Hyung Joon. Later Shin corrects that very nicely so that it does not hurt either Gyuri or KHJ by saying that KHJ’s name can be easily mixed with another singer named Kim HyungJoon or another person, etc…)

Their commonalities: KHJ says that he just found out that they are both born on 1986, they are both blood type B and they are both single. Nabi was born on March 22 and KHJ on June 6.

Other commonalities: Thailand is something in common with both. KHJ’s new album has ranked number 1 in all Asian charts including Thailand. For Nabi, she supposedly made a big promotion of her new single by eating a specially made extremely nutritious Thai salad just for her by a Thai food expert . (Very contrived)

Second commonality: “180 degrees”;;;;for KHJ, he has made 180 degrees change when he performed Break Down as opposed to Kiss Kiss. For Nabi, her speciality is turning around children’s song into an R&B style music and singing it. (Contrived but both mc’s are over-acting say those commonalities are amazing and asks both guests to go along and adjust with the surprised emotions. That is the theme of their show. Shin says that since KHJ is also an actor, he wants more from KHJ. So, KHJ calmly says, “get out, no joke?! is this for real! This is Daebok!.…)

Shin says that when KHJ changed agency, there was lot of talk that he would only act from now on. So he is very curious as to how he thought about preparing solo album. KHJ says that he had been preparing for one full year. People know that he switched agency and went straight into acting. At that very second, he also started to prepare for the album. We resolved that we will prepare for one year and make a come back in a perfect fashion. KHJ felt sad that his identity as singer would be lost that he wanted to do everything possible to make it as perfect as possible. KHJ talks about how he did not expect such fine response from the public. He felt very thankful especially after having worked so hard. It leaves him feeling he has had no regret. He wanted to come back well prepared with 180 degrees of jolting change from his previous soft image into a more manly and tough guy image. Even though KHJ did not officially promote yet for his album overseas, it is number 1 in 5 countires. Shin asks for the reason for the success. KHJ says that he gives full credit to his agency’s PR department for all the success. Shin says that even with lots of promotion, such success is not guaranteed. He says people are more familiar with him as the flowery handsome dude JiHoo Sunbae . But, by returning with the 180 degrees changed image gives a sudden shock to the audience….like the jolt that one experiences in the movie 6th Sense. To come out with more unexpected image may have been very effective. Everybody agrees with that analogy by KHJ. Nabi agrees with that concept: she again points out that she was very surprised by his developed muscles.
Nabi talks about her Thai salad and how much she loves Thai food and the sauce. Shin was more interested in who this Thai food expert is to Nabi that he made a special salad for her only. Nabi says he is a friend of the business marketer in her agency. Shin says marketing went very well.

Shin also asks if KHJ diets. KHJ says that he is more into body building or sculpting. He drinks protein and control what he puts into his body. Before the concert where he”took off his shirt” he says he strictly followed the regimen for two weeks. I think he said the trainer followed him around for two weeks. (No wonder they became friends??) Shin Dong heard that while they were in the same program, KHJ likes to eat. Shin asks how he deal with that? KHJ says that he just eats what he wants to eat. Then, he burns it off by maybe playing soccer for 5~6 hours. He never deprives himself. If he had a drink the last night, he would get up at 6 in the morning the next day and have a run. Shin says he and KHJ are same upto when KHJ says he eats whatever he wants. But Shin says then, he just gives up.

Nabi’s song: IT is a good thing is played.
Now the mc’s seek musical similarities: It is based on Nuh Goo Ri. But both mc’s are saying that the commonalities between Nabi and KHJ are based on Nuh Goo Lee—Nuh mean you. Goo means 9. Lee means over. In both of their songs especially KHJ’s PLEASE and Nabi’s Tears songs have 9 or more You in the lyrics. Everybody acts amazed by that fact (keke) –way too contrived.

Two are rivals: Noo Ae Go Chi—noo ae go chi seems to be an insect from which silk can be formed. The two guests have amazingly silky skin. Our ancestors used silk to make Korean traditional garb and KHJ in 2009 was recognized as the guy who looks best in Korean garb. Nabi is because there are lots of nabi patters (butterfly) in Korean garbs. Everybody is overacting again. KHJ also says that nabi or butterfly comes from noo ae or worm stage. Everybody is going crazy at another similarity….(this is too much for me.) They are saying how they feel so scared at the realization.

Skin Care: KHJ says he has basic skin care at home. He also has lots of perfume because his fan send them to him (there is no clarification as to whether he uses them or not). He also try to sleep a sufficiently. He seeks doctor more for his scars than for his face. He says that he worries for his dark circle. He also takes supplement to empower his liver which he was told that weak liver leads to dark circle. (But he drinks—drinking causes liver to weakern—that is why he takes supplements. Haha) When Nabi says that he is so young to take liver supplements. But KHJ points out that he is not that young and neither is Nabi as they are both born in 86. Nabi says she drinks water a lot, sleep sufficiently.

KHJ said his rival could be himself but his rivals are all his SS501 group members, especially Huh Young Seng. He thinks that Huh is following closely behind and that he will be even greater force when he sings ballad. (I think KHJ never fogets to promote his SS501 buddies whether he calls them rival or what. Right?? He at least plugged in their names. )

Both say they feel old—KHJ says that he does kind of feel older when he goes to music programs as there are so many younger and teen performers now. Nabi and KHJ say that there are not too many people older than they are in music programs. Nabi also says that she can no longer sing well if she stays out too late when she has to perform the next day.

KHJ says that he never thought he would have anything in common with Nabi but that he is now amazed that they found out some commonalities. He is so amazed that he wonders if he can go home and sleep….KHJ says that he would love to come back for the corner section. KHJ wiil not return to Korea for about 2 months. KHJ says sorry to all the GhangNam alcohol places and Shin says that he will go instead. Nabi will have concert on Sept 25th at Yonseh University. All say goodbye for a long time…

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