Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong
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Selasa, 19 Juli 2011

[Info] Kim Hyun Joong’s Character, U:Zoosin, Earns Tremendous Popularity in Japan and Taiwan


At the beginning of last month, Kim Hyun Joong released his first mini-album Break Down.

His mini-album sold over 110,000 copies with its release and swept top ranking on various charts throughout Asia.

Along with this, Kim’s character, U:Zoosin, is also earning popularity. U:Zoosin is a character which is based on Kim’s drawing in a certain message on his official website.

On June 7, Kim revealed U:Zoosin at a show-case, and it printed out on various objects such as photo books, T-shirts, accessories, posters, and key holders. It soon drew fans’ attention in Korea, as well as in Japan, Taiwan, China, and Singapore.

Kim is now performing the song “Kiss Kiss.”

Source Nate by Hanna

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