Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong
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Senin, 27 Juni 2011

Translation for Kim Hyun Joong's Night after Night Guesting!

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Below are summary of KHJ's portions in the interview!

1st Clip

MC Park keeps on asking khj to give a score to his own looks. KHJ says (very smart) that he does not want to do that, but he says that he does not want to switch places with MC Park. (laughter)
Uee and KHJ talk about having done a CF together. Uee says that her staff is a big fan of KHJ and enviously said at the location if Uee likes holding KHJ's hand. KHJ saw that. Uee does not want KHJ to get the wrong idea about it. KHJ says that he just remembers feeling good at that time. THe mc asked KHJ if Uee is his style. He said very affirmatively that she is. Uee had worked with both KHJ and the other guest on the show (I do not know his name but I believe he came out in Dream HIgh drama. Whereas she held hands with KHJ, the other guest says that she hugged the other guy as he was playing her father.
2nd Clip

Academic achievements: KHJ says that he was basically an average student. He did not study hard but he did not do that badly either. During JH years, all of his very close firends (9 all together) were in a same class. Even if he did not study hard, there were always 8 friends behind him. laughter. He cut classes to play soccer and once he threw the school attendance log down the elevator shaft because he was afriad that his teachers would call his parents for lack of attendance.
He says that he hardly talked with girls as a young student. He just did not find them very interesting as they had dissimilar interests and he also was very shy. He would think about it but never express his feelings. Even at the CF with Uee, he would talk with associates about how pretty she is and how his heart was beating so much working with her. But he just could not express it.

3rd Clip

KHJ says that he did not talk with other girls because actually he already liked someone at that time as a JH first year student. He accidentally met her at a soondae restaurant and liked her instantly. He was there with his firend and she was there with her group of friends. But he never confessed for 2 years. Instead, he went to that restaurant for 2 years every day just to see if she would show up. He says he saw her 2 or 3 times there. He basically became close to the "grandmother' who operated that soondae restaurnat and he was the last customer when she closed down the restaurant as she got older and feeble. During that 2 years. he took various friends as many of his friends got tired of soondae. He got to know a lot about her through homepage and by getting to know her circle of friends, etc. The day before he started high school, he and his friend who also liked the same girl decided to confess to the girl. HIs friend tried first and got turned down. Then he called her collect as he had no money and confessed. She said that she already kind of knew about him and his interest. They both had their first date by going to see a movie.
4th Clip

He says that they slowly got to know each other. (He seems careful and bit uncomfortable talking about her.) He did not really volunteer information. MC's worked hard to get the info. McPark asked if he also had his first kiss with her. He says yes. Mc says that it seems like KHJ met his gf at appropriate age and kissed also at appropriate age. They asked why they broke up--did he have another gf? KHJ says just naturally occurred after he made debut. MC asked if it is becuase he became a celebrity. KHJ denies that but says that it seems like when it is time to part, it just happens.
MC park asked if he has since dated or had ant meetings arranged? KHJ said that a friend arranged a meeting once. But personally he does not like that kind of meetings. He felt very awkward and uncomfortable. She would ask for his blood type..So he came out straight and said that we kow what this is all about..let us just enjoy today as firiends and part as friends

5th Clip
MCPark is persistent and asks again,,,then, what are you like dating as an adult?
He says he is the type to "pour it all out". He is very good to his gf. He becomes a person that even his male friends do not recognize. He is good to her and he can even show "aegyo" to her. All MC's are stunned. What do you mean? You are mooteukteuk=blunt, not very personalble,,,KHJ says that his aegyo is somewhat different. He says that his personality is very similar to Tak JaeHoon (the other mc next to mcPark) and he would kind of scream all of a sudden. (@0:42 and @0:57). They ask him to show to Uee. KHJ says that it may seem very weird but that it is his own brand of aegyo. @1:10, Uee says hello sweatheart and KHJ screams his aegyo. MC Tak says that it is kind of an alien type of aegyo. Mc thinks there has to be more to KHJ's aegyo. KHJ says that when he and gf are calling each other and she would ask what are you doing, he would say something strange that is not Korean @1:51, MC's are saying that he needs treatment and he is using alien language. MC Kim JaeDong asks him how does his gf respond..does she not get angry? He says that she does not get angry but just laughs. (KHJ is using present tense as he he does have a gf now.) MCTak JaeHoon says that both he and KHJ like soccer. When things are not goingthat well on the soccer field, they would express frustrations by speaking mix of Spanish and other weird sounds. To talk directy in Korean feels more hurtful and mean so talking in made-up language feels better and also helps in letting out frustration. KHJ says that he becomes "Bingie" (=Is he a Spanish soccer player?) Tak and KHJ are encouaged to speak to each other in that weird Spanish language on air. MC Kim says he thinks he undersatnds their conversation.
MC HOng Gi (this is that other idol mc in the show) says that he is kind of close to YoungSeng and GyuJOng of SS501 and asked them about KHJ's personality. They both say just one word about KHJ: He is a man.
MCPark asks him how long does he wait before he kisses the girl. KHJ says that he does not have that kind of time limit. IF he feels it he wants to do it. As soon as he meets the person and if he wants to do it, he does it. Tak comments how did he become so militant? KHJ says that he no longer hesitates and suffers alone in his heart. He expresses his feelings openly. He was like that when young but does not do that anymore. MC says you no longer hesitate since you did that so much when younger. KHJ says Yes. Park asks him does that mean that now he makes the pass or approach the person if he likes her? KHJ says he does. He says that he has that kind of courage now. Mc Park says KHJ really did become a man.

6th clip
MCPark asks if KHJ ever arranged an event for his gf. He says that he has designed and made coupling rings as a surprise gift. KHJ says that he has given more help for friend's events when they want to make their first confessions to their gifrfriends. He would gather with firends and blow up balloons and make them into heart shapes. He woud also arrange the cakes. He says that he helped out friends more than for himself.

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