Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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Sabtu, 25 Juni 2011

[News] Kim Hyun Joong Left a Message of His Official Website!

Aigooooo...thanks chicha for the link of translation!!! I'm so happy!!!!!


Rough Trans by @howlovelylala

be a cool man.. (be cool) I like NO.1 but it will be gone someday. be ONLY One. REALLY... I don't want you girls to get too many albums. Just, like now ... Even thought it won't last for eternity.. (it's )only a moment, it's great we have sharing memories.ㅋㅋ You know that???? your No.1 is not only for me but can be for us. I told you??? I told you long time ago, ㅋㅋremember that, always... Let's enjoy every single day. Cheers! for every cool single day ㅋㅋ

Another Translation

By xiaochu @

Becoming a great person and getting the 1st place, is really great but it will be forgotten someday
Becoming the only one is really... I am not hoping for you all to buy a lot of CDs..
Well it’s just like now... even if it is not forever... it is great to leave some memories together even if it is just for a moment keke
You know??????? Your 1st place is not me but might be just us...
I said that before right??? I said that long time ago keke I remember it always.....
The day where I will protect everyone will come someday and will you be well protected by me?????? Keke
Let’s enjoy each and every day
For the wonderful day everyday keke


Let's all become an awesome person yah
No.1 may be good but it will soon be forgotten someday
Let's all become the only one yah, honestly ...
I don't hope for you all to buy alot of CDs ..
Just like now will do ... Even if it won't be a Forever ... It may just for the moment,
it's nice to spin and leave memories together still, isn't it kk
Goddit??????? You guys' Number 1 is not Me, but instead, WE can all be that ...
I said it before right ???Quite awhile ago I did say that kk
Bear it in mind, always.....
One of these days, the day where I can give my protection will come, are you guys well protected for now??????kk
Let's enjoy it ya, each day and each day
For the sake of an awesome day after day kk

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