Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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Jumat, 06 Mei 2011

[News] Translated of Highlights from Playful Kiss Talk and Live Osaka 110503

Aigooooooo... thank you miyo..kiss kiss kiss for your translate!!! ^^

Japanese~English Translation: miyo

During the part he mentioned about having a bad dream, in the 2nd session, he had said something different~
HJ mentioned about another bad dream he had.
It was going to be the sales of the CD and the showcase had started but he couldn’t remember the lyrics and kept dancing a random dance.
From the audience… some were screaming

Audience: kakkoii~ (handsome/good looking in Japanese)

when HJ heard it… his reply…

HJ: I know.
Fans Question Corner
MC: During the filming of the drama, Hyun Joong has lost weight, how many kilos have you lost? What is you weight now?

HJ: During the drama, I lost 4 kilos. Now, I have gained 5kilos. I hope to show everyone a manly image, so I have been building muscles. Whether it is muscles or I have grown fat will be for everyone to confirm.

MC: That means?

Everyone: *Whistles, not exactly whistles but sort of like a lil commotion sound*

HJ: It’s not that I don’t like this kind of atmosphere. But I think I be able to show it to everyone sometime soon.

Everyone: *Whistles*
Words Association Game Corner

MC: Kim Hyun Joong likes to add a “ne” at the end of your sentence eh?

HJ: Ne?

MC: For the incoming voice tone

HJ: During the 1st session, I wasn’t able to get a single question correct at all, so for this time if I’m unable to get 2 questions and above correct, I will record “ne, ne, ne” as the incoming voice tone.

Everyone: Wah

(Proceeding to the game…)
MC: The word “School”, you think of..

HJ: Study
SM: Learn

MC: Is this considered as correct?

Everyone: Eh~!

MC: When talk about “Spring”, you think of..

HJ: Sakura
SM: Sakura

Both of them were able to get the same answers for the later questions.
So the incoming voice tone need not be recorded and everyone went ehhhh!

HJ: Although there isn’t the need to record anymore but on my birthday 6th June, I will record “ne, ne, ne” as the incoming voice tone as a present.

Everyone: Wah-!

So it ended with the recording of the incoming voice tone decided.^^
Ultra Quiz Corner
This is the part where everyone have to raise their ○ or × paper which were given to them before entering the venue.
The host will give the question and everyone will have to answer it. Those who got it wrong will be out.

MC: Currently is Kim Hyun Joong keeping a pet at home?

Answer is ×

HJ: I owned a pet with a friend at another place.

A lot were out due to this question. But after 10 questions, they were not able to get a winner, they decided to play scissors, paper stone with the both of them. From near to 3,000 people, 6 winners were selected and went on stage to receive the autographed press kit as present.
After the HJ have finished his song~

MC: What are your upcoming activities?

HJ: To record “ne” on 6th June.

*Everyone laughed*

HJ: In addition, I will be having a showcase for my new album in Seoul on 7th June. It will be an album and music video which will surprise everyone. Also, not sure if everyone will want to do it or not but I would want to hold a birthday party.
Last message
HJ: Due to the impact of the earthquake, I thought I would see everyone with a tired face but was glad to see everyone looking lively. I have a belief. “Not to be number one but to be the only one!” To be everyone’s only one.

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