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Investigation of KHJ
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Senin, 16 Mei 2011

[News] Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min Press Conference at Osaka by K-Plaza

Really miss Hyunmin again although they have already met each other at Osaka on 3rd-4th May 2011...
But, i wanna see both of them again!!! :(

If you want to see it immediately with clear, please check this link ..


Google translate...

Drama [Korean Version] Itazura na Kiss ~ Playful Kiss ~ Love in Palace, see the house] [] ~ Boys Over Flowers Hana Yori Dango, etc. group of eight to 30 million worldwide cumulative production company with a reputation of a Korean Comic Book Series popularity of the original comic’s issue of Tada Kaoru’s Itazura na Kiss] [become a drama production house] ~ Love in Palace fan Inre director, Hana Yori Dango [Kim Hyun's class played the role in Hanazawa Korean drama starring a buzz. DVD release of this drama, Fuji "α Hallyu", BS Fuji, DATV is determined once a major revolution in broadcasting, was starring in the event reconstruction was held in Japan in Osaka to commemorate this day before appeared in the conference room of the role of two of Hani's and Oh Jung's Somin Kim Hyun Baek Sunjo role.

Chair: (appeared in the conference room were both in the black outfit Applause.) It is a drama and two different images of your homeopathic. Somin's Hyun's image is even shorter hair is different in the drama today is the comparatively young Itadakimashita image appeared in very sexy outfits. The first question is represented in talks to be held in March and premium was discontinued suddenly live in the earthquake affected. I think they both are very worried about you, thank you fan feedback has been held to meet long-awaited event was held in Osaka yesterday and you feel at the time.

Hyun Kim: Talk premium was initially scheduled for March and first heard that that was postponed in quake live, but too bad I thought, while the Japanese people I was worried too. Japanese people would not have been hard - hit with the earthquake would have been surprised, I was a very worried. I thought that was really good and kindly showed up bright appearance is met with all of your fans in Japan in Osaka yesterday. I want to want to help in any way with my fans in Japan myself. Premium talks yesterday and I was very happy to live with know that some very high expectations for all this drama is done in a really fun atmosphere.

Somin Jung: I talk premium was scheduled for March in Japan and then worry about an earthquake in that I was expected to live and promotion, "How is the situation?" "Japan? The go to? "I did, and staff. For me it was like that yesterday, waiting for the event felt really rewarding. But I could meet twice more with the audience, thanks to the Friends Hyun Kim Hyun's made you go with both. I feel that you are doing the opposite, so I better pick us up bright and the Japanese people than I expected.

Moderator: This work has been dramatized in Taiwan and Japan in the original's Tada Kaoru, but manga is very popular in Japan, Mashi Tei to expand as well as animation also why he decided to star with your feelings at the time was selected to star in this Please tell us.
Hyun Kim: When you first talk about casting this drama is going to rest for a while was very busy because it was partly the situation that ended just before the drama of this role is only now can not be thought. It was some of his force were now maybe. I wanted to do the role of Pak in mind that it might Sunjo last character that can age a year ago that the time really. Since the beginning, and has taken me to all the staff are very nice, so I think the drama 撮Reta us to Somin's also very nice.

Somin Jung:I am not a drama is playing the role of this newly created Upon actual time to be in the original work that was also felt that the pressure in the original is very famous yet. I was thinking that I would not do that annoys everyone Maybe I will be featured. I decided to decide that it's cast in a great director has worked a lot of work very well casting director has already decided Mashi Tei and Kim Hyun's me before the cast. I myself was also a feeling that it might help you do that you have experience with so many rookies. In time I also had taken part physically tough even started shooting in less time without feeling happy I was able to advance much. They always had a very happy spot me smile so you treat like family around.Chair: role's Hyun is for 2 people, starring in particular is a character strong all the characters in the drama, there is one side cool cruel to have to very solid, better role's Somin is but hard It was the image of clumsiness, they then can be asked to staff have been very solid's Somin and feels that a meeting earlier, Mr. Hyun will you two actually but I Rasshatta singing humming next What was his role of a character do?

Hyun Kim:I played with this myself Sunjo Baek completely different personality to it is neither wise, I like to type hum or worse place for everything and there is always the feeling scatterbrained . And I myself speak in detail the type of talk as I was speaking in the flow of unnecessary. However Baek Sunjo acting in helping Ino Tsuyoshi true because there is just so is very careful speech is also used speech and language. It was hard acting like Sunjo Kuni Ken Paik show more than anything I had in mind that the tone and strong as possible.Somin Jung: if I'm that much like my character and appearance of the original elements. This is similar to that of the opposition as I would say two melons it be? I basically play is very hard because I can not understand any part of such a character is played by the feeling that they are similar to the figure of honey when staying with friends I usually feel comfortable Mashita.Then reporters asked

Q: I have a question to: Hyun Kim, Hani woman's way of thinking, such as Oh What do you think?

Hyun Kim: I think I was sure glad that the woman who wholeheartedly believe myself, I have a grateful heart. I hope she likes it like that girl like me Oh honey. I personally feel that just seems a little worried and anxious to see a girl like that off because there is something Hani bohemian.

Q: I have a question for you two, please tell me that the biggest impression on me during the shoot or even the most difficult and 楽Shikatsu.

Hyun Kim: What was the story into the third place spot with Hyun I love to tell you here because, of course, but I still felt stiff around each other in the first half, then scene that was fall asleep while you are studying at the scene say two people shot. And Hyun's acting like really sleepy and I slept really is speaking. I had a little fun of the thing that I was snoring Hyun's ear is inclined to think a little thing but I only know I was one of the next I was in the upcoming I was able to feel a very easy to become acquainted But it did. Hyun's performance since it is said, but now I really good at acting staff.

Chair: Hyun's not what I went to bed?

Hyun Kim: Yes, very sleepy and fell asleep. (Laughs section)

Moderator: Please tell me if there's something in secret and Hyun.

Kim Hyun: Taking this Yangju (Yangju) I myself do not like insects but I originally took place back in the mountains where there are areas he says. There much to say scary or rather do not like they flew a lot of marks because the mountain behind, before fleeing in a very run away really to or approaching or sitting near me NG has issued a that there was. I remember the run was really hates bugs and dragonflies. There is a scene that is watching me from falling from a cliff to go to the mountains coming out of the character of Jung Bong Another original around the right eye by a mosquito when you are taking but I was going to take a close-up gone from being on that side who remember the sting of the profile on the opposite side 撮Renaku taken.

Moderator: So you do not like insects, you're surprised ... ...

Hyun Kim: For me, I'm afraid more than a wild beast or insect tiger.

Q: Can I be careful what 格好Yokatta very cute in the drama were both in uniform are available?

Hyun Kim: For me [Hana Yori Dango is a little help this time around I've continued to wear the uniform, I myself have now become not a high school really care beard. High school to the point, so that gave me a little thick beard is quite considerate and coordinators who make more. For now feel like uniforms back in high school and see what I'm going to wear uniforms. When two of his high school just did not wear uniforms in high school too long, so more time actually wore a uniform training wear over time because it was before the debut of singer trainee I now wear a lot of drama.

Somin Jung: I'm also the first half of the drama but I personally think that it very impressive to hear about the role and the role of high school students say those changes do not put too much with their original appearance I thought that good? Turned into a force that is faced're playing so I think it is appropriate now to think that even in age and I thought it fit me. Just look for the real age is 20, so 高校生Rashiku What can I do? In order to approach the character that you put Hani point where I do? And worried. I use hair care result, and regret that I should have put the point or another, not just a hair because it was really hard at making their hair look hair style I devised 高校生Rashiku for. I think that good results are also very hard, so do us more responsible for us still responsible for hair.

MC: As a way of looking at it keep changing hairstyle in the drama Oh honey I certainly thought it was great but I really enjoyed?

Somin Jung: I feel good and challenging and you really do feel like us and you telling me now. The hairstyle has taken just once back in the evening with a different hair day hair and make Once you have taken one that morning, because many are mixed on the same day scene I'd like There is also a lot of things like that. For hair and also there had been scolded by the director from a little time consuming because I had long hair and a change of five or six times a day has so many episodes. I think with a good hair care is still made with hair and have never experienced that once we try it myself but now I look back, but facing the drama is great fun.

Moderator: What are popular in Korea, there was a hair like the way the corner?

Somin Chung: That is not just a Kondoriheasutairu was called, it was thought the results to study the resulting hairstyle Perhaps more unusual, so I made a lot of hair. To remember that the hair came to shoot the same scene again later because I really like myself try it once.

Question: Please tell me the most exciting scenes during the shoot comes out full of a wonderful love scene.

Hyun Kim:I think that was the highlight of the kiss scene kiss scene in the rain with nothing to say as well. Sun wanted to take a shot that scene I was using a water wagon in the rain because it was not very cold day. One-cut as it is lack of water sprinkler that was OK I had to the situation. Fortunately I took a kissing scene in such Somin's NG was able to finish safely without any shooting. I think this scene is still the highlight of this drama is also remembered for the scene itself.Somin Jung: A kiss in the rain is still speaking of memorable love scene, too. Time was that kissing scene change can be seen in Hani and Sunjo mind can think of the hero of the story flow and two. Sun came to shoot that much just to Yokunaku my own health, we have to finish shooting that was going that fast in the water sprinkler enough as it was just talk. Rather than kissing scene is in a way similar to Chu from the coach I had, "This is because a proper kiss scene in earnest," from people's Hyung I went into the shooting is said to be "at once Take it tight finish, "Remember the tense is said to myself. When I was shooting and I am surprised because it was supposed to kiss than I thought I saw a very dark picture I did not notice much finished so bad physical condition.Moderator: I'm very good teamwork. Were under consideration is the time to destruction [Talk] Itazura na Kiss ~ Playful Kiss Premium & August 2 live performances in Tokyo, decided to be held at Tokyo International Forum. This concert, donations will be donated as part of the proceeds from the earthquake east of the event also 含Memashi performance in Osaka yesterday. I wish you two things with the staff can become more positive and bright, even one with a lot of 通Shimashi this event. I would like one of my fans in Japan Hitokoto two people in your last.

Hyun Kim:This [the fans] Itazura na Kiss Japan drama that surely I would like to see the fun when it is broadcast, so I think you for waiting. I’m glad to see you wearing it 掛Karere Rui Akira always a smile on you and see you again in August until then.Somin Jung: Itazura na Kiss This [is] the flow of other recent drama is a drama might say a little different. I think this drama and drama make for a lovely and happy feeling for me a warm feeling to see your Kudasaru, and I’d enjoy watching the drama and all those who are pure character comes out I think. I look forward to seeing you all in August and again. By that time I hope you saw us wearing bright 掛Karere Cheer everyone calm down the situation and even more.

There are conference and photo session shot by two shots after this one ended.Manhood while feeling Kim Hyun’s hair was shorter, as did two super cute drama. In August, also determines performance in Tokyo had been postponed, many people in a positive light one off the image of Hani’s played by Jeong Somin gracious and eager-beaver’s tsundere Sunjo played by Kim Hyun Baek Please enjoy playing games in this series I think can become!

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