Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

A Letter to My Fellow Fandom Friends (An Open Letter to All Kim Hyun Joong Fans)


Hi my fellow fandom friends..

It has already been a few days since the start of the coalition pre-order based on countries on 21 May. Have you ordered yours? ^^ If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, after reading my long post,hope that you will start to pre-order yours. We still have a few more days to go.
But now how about we take a look at the progress of the pre-order in the international fandom? Because we as the international section of the fandom want to give our best to him too, right? To help his Korean fans who already have many things to do in their hands Let’s share the burden together to make opportunities for him ^^ Well we have to analyze what we can do more to support accurately and positively before the closing day of the pre-order, because It’s important to estimate what we need to do to win the week after his comeback..

Now please spare your time for a while to take a look okay ^^


Okay, so yesterday I personally take look and generally survey on the number of pre-order of the international fandom so far. Based on experience and our prediction of the list of artists who will make their comeback around the same time as Hyun Joong’s comeback week as well as other rivals’ album and digital sales, we estimated that Hyun Joong requires an estimated 25 000-30 000 of album sales in the 1st week to secure the trophy for 1st week after debut week. But sadly after checking the pre-order figures of some fansites, we have not reached 10 000 yet. This means that our fellow Korean fans have to fork out the remaining 15 000-20 000 album sales just for secure the 1st week only which is really a huge burden. We, international fans, can help to lessen their burden right? When the Chinese fandom heard about the total pre-order amount not reaching 10 000, a lot of people doubled up their amount of pre-order.

Based on experience again, unfortunately SS501 usually has not performed exceptionally well on digital charts. This shows that the anticipation from the public is not enormous, only the anticipation from fans is big but not from the public. Hence we expect Hyun Joong to receive the same treatment. SS501 always relies on their strong album sales to compensate their loss in digital scores to win. And the strong album sales came from fans who are willing to fork more. Hyun Joong is facing rivals who had performed exceptionally well on digital charts. Therefore his album sales must be solid enough. That’s why Perfect needs to organise the coalition. They hope that we, overseas fans, can help to contribute significantly to his album sales. By doing so, we are reducing the strain on the resources of the Korean fans. That way, they can use their resources for the following weeks to achieve maximum wins and keep winning.

After we analyze some factors behind the reason to why the the pre-order figures of some fansites are still far from the sum we require, it seems that the main problem is the difficulty in spreading information on pre-orders to every fans. Well, I believe and have witnessed all the sites working hard to promote his album, but yet the result so far is still not what we expected. So usually in fandom when cases like this happened, one of the solutions that is usually used by the fandom is that those who know about the pre-order help to cover up the loss of album sales by buying more than 1 copy. Moreover his mini-album is cheaper than SS501′s mini album. Buying 1 copy of SS501′s mini album is equivalent to buying two copies of Hyun Joong’s mini album. We have achieved strong album sales for SS501. We did it before and so we can do it again!

The album sales of the first week which is 6th June to 12th June is extremely important because that is our golden opportunity to win. The album sales of the 1st is always the higher than the following weeks. This also means that the album sales of the normal edition which is released on the 8th June is the deciding factor. If we failed to win on the 1st week, it’s difficult to win on the following weeks because our album sales will get lower week by week. Moreover there will be new rivals making their comebacks in the following weeks after our comeback. This means that they will do what we did for the 1st week. That’s why we REALLY have to aim to win on the 1st week because after debut week, it will be harder to aim to win for another weeks.
So what does this means? It means it’s really HIGHLY suggested for you to buy NORMAL edition, more than special edition. Because we need to set up and secure the 1st win in 1st week after his comeback for the following weeks. And it can just be achieved with a HIGH Normal edition sales in the 1st week.

Why do you think Hyun Joong and even other artist usually released their special edition later than the normal ones? Of course it‘s to secure the sales of the normal edition. Logically i’s because they expect the sales are high from the first week to the last week. Can u imagine if majority fans choose the special edition instead? It will lower the sales of the normal edition which will result in us not being able to secure the first win that we aim for.
This is just our view, well later of course it will be good if then you buy special edition because personal preference so the sales of special edition will be high as well, but please do not neglect the normal edition..

We’re not the only fanclub to use this method, every other fanclubs also choose this method because it’s the safest way to win the trophy on music shows. Some of you will probably be wondering why choose this method when album sales contribute the lowest percentage in music shows? Why not choose to tackle the digital sales which have the highest percentage on music shows? If you have streamed before, you ‘ll realise the difficulty in increasing the ranking of the song. Because in digital charts, we ‘re against the Korean public. No matter how big our fanclub is, we ‘re no match for the much bigger Korean public. That’s why it’s extremely hard to tackle digital sales. Digital sales are uncontrollable and unpredictable. Whereas in album sales, we ‘re just facing those artists who are releasing in the same period. It’s easier for fans to control and seize the album sales.

Last year, Playful Kiss’s ratings were bad in Korea. He did not have any activities for the next 6 months. If this comeback does not reproduce any good results, nor at least win a Number 1 on music show, it will be a continuously bad record in his career record. We have to try to bring his momentum up. If his album is successful, it will open more gates for him. Moreover this album is his 1st solo album, his long dream, which he took more than half a year to prepare. We cannot control all the results to ensure he will be successful. But we can do what we can control to provide OPPORTUNITIES for him to get good results. The star power of an artist comes from the power of his fans. The distance the fans are willing to go affects how far the artist can go in his career.

We understand that everyone comes from different financial backgrounds. But even some poor students have saved money to buy more than 1 copy. So if you can afford to buy more than one, please buy more. Keep in mind not how many you need but how many the fandom needs.

Okay that’s it my friends.. It’s just a piece of concern from us, being fellow fandom friends. Why did we do this? It’s because we have same aim right, to have our star shine again. And with this we just want to let you know the real condition and what usually happened in the fandom and how the fandom usually settle the problem. Some fans know, but most of the majority fans do not really have a clue, so we just spread our knowledge to you guys, this is usually what happened in the fandom which you should be aware. I do not want many fans to keep asking questions to why some other idol won and why not us when later perhaps due to hard luck we do not get good result in a music show. With this, at least you will have a big idea how the fandom works, and how our battle strategy is.
All is up to you again guys. There is no pressure here, this is simply just a piece of concern from us, because we share same dream and hope about him. At the end of the day, the decision is still in each of our own hands. To achieve something good, there will always an amount of sacrifice to do. If you want to see him with good result due to the reasons state above, there should be efforts to compensate. The cost compensates the quality of result. The harder you try, the more opportunity you will get. Because as I stated, we cannot control all the results to ensure he will be successful, but we can do what we can control to provide OPPORTUNITIES for him to get good results! And this is it! The only possible opportunity we, overseas fan, can try to make for him, is by DOING MORE if u can and focus on normal edition first!!!

‘One person’s strength is small but combined together, the strength becomes big.’ -Kim Hyun Joong

A bobo from Hyun Joong from reading til the end XD

Please help to spread this letter
Written by Rene & Kimi

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