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Investigation of KHJ
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Selasa, 10 Mei 2011

[Fan Account] Playful Kiss Event at Osaka by Nomad0606

Have you remember nomad??? Yuppp, nomad who ones of be able to take a fancam for playful kiss event at osaka, he has so lucky person!!! Because all i know, it's very hard to take fancam there!!! Love ya....^^

Chinese Translation: 米娜@百度金贤重吧
English Translation:
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Although it has been a while since Hyun Joong last stepped on stage, but he still shined on stage. Moreover, the Hyun Joong standing on the stage, facing the fans, still made people feel warm and friendly. Perhaps it 's the short hairstyle, like what Hyun Joong said himself, has made people feel that he has grown from a 'youngster' to a 'man'. The whole event consists of long talks and short performances, but every topics Hyun Joong touched on in the first and second parts are very precious leaving a deep impression, yet it seems like I have heard it in my dreams before,blurred and messy memories.

Hyun Joong chose the two most memorable scenes in 'Playful Kiss', one is the speech on graduation, the other is requesting Hera's grandfather not to let down the hard works of the company's employees. Talking about his speech on the graduation day 'I want to be happy and let others be happy too.', he said that last time let it acting or singing, he thought that as long as fans are happy, that will do, but now he realised that it's not like that, as long as he is happy and blessed, fans will then really be happy and blessed. Although there are many dissatisfactory matters, but it gives people an impression that this work has allowed Hyun Joong to grow a lot.

Could not remember clearly which question was it(his life philosophy used to be 'life is only one shot' but now he has an addition part or an entirely different one?), he said that rather than being Number One, he rather be the Only One. Wants to be the fans' Only One...but to Hyun Joong's fans, he is already the Only One.

I think it was the second part where he mentioned about what he said during a dream. Recently he had a nightmare where he was standing on stage and had forgotten the lyrics and dance choreography, he could not move, looking at the audience who were looking back at him anxiously. In order not to disappoint his fans, he started to anyhow dance. He wanted to quickly wake up, but no matter what he still did not wake up, it was an immensely painful feeling. Hearing this, I really wanted to tell him 'Hyun Joong ar, it's alright. We just want you to be happy and blessed, that will do. So don't give yourself so much pressure ar.'

He also said that he wants to give fans a birthday present on 6th June. He wants to record what he often said to the Japanese fans-'nae' (Meaning 'ah' and 'yeah' in Korean) and upload to the official site(Japan official site. Hyung Joong ar, Korea also got official site). He said that since it will be short with just this few sounds, what the fans will like to hear, choose around 3 and comment it on the official site, will record it for the fans. If only can record his natural laughing sound 'Eu heong heong', that will be great!

He chatted about his to be released album and performances, wants to showcase a more manly side this time round, hence is practising hard, hence everyone can anticipate it and please attend the live performances more.

The whole structure of the event is simple, the preparations of the organiser are rather unitary, but the Hyun Joong who is willing to work hard to bring the greatest joy to the fans is most handsome. His every eye expressions, every movement and short remarks made the Japanese fans go 'Kawaii(Cute)' and gave warm responses and laughters, felt that Hyun Joong was really happy and enjoyed the atmosphere.

The guards for this fan-meeting is extremely strict hence only managed to film the first part. The video shook very badly, don't know how to edit it..

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