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Investigation of KHJ
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Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

[Fan Account] My last mission was meeting Kim Hyun Joong at the airport [11.05.04]

Thank you for hyunjoongkajeablover to sharing with us!!!! ^^


May 4, 2011

Today was my last day in Japan, and my last mission was meeting Kim Hyun Joong at the airport. So that’s why
me and my buddy had to left the bed early and ran to Osaka Airport( Domestic) to wait for him.
Only single piece of information that we had was SMS from our Japanese friend who told that Kim Hyun Joong would
have the Press Conference in Tokyo so she advised us to check either flight or Shinkansen he would take.
We requested our friend in Osaka to check it out and found that he probably would take the flight before noon.
To make sure that we would not miss him thus we reached the airport at 8 am. At first we thought that the Domestic Airport might be small and we could find some
Fans who also waiting for Hyun joong around there.
But it was totally different from the thought, because , the airport has two terminals for ANA airline and JAL airline
Oh , what could we do ???!!! We had to choose which terminal we would wait for him.
After tossed the coin, we chose to wait at JAL terminal , but no fans appeared , then we decided to move to ANA and the result was the same….no one there!!!
A little while later, Japanse friend ( who always has luck in meeting Kim Hyun Joong) sent us the SMS to tell that he would fly with ANA
The little hope was lighted , at least we didn’t have to make long walk from ANA to JAL terminal.
At 9 AM, 3 friends from Osaka came to the airport.One of them needed to catch the flight at 11 AM to Tokyo. ( She hoped it was the same flight with Hyun Joong)
They guessed that he would take the flight at 11 AM. So the lucky Japanes girl walked down and bought the plane ticket .
Around 10 am., we saw few guards walked in to the airport… oh we started being excited!!!
We were hesitate to catch the flight with that lucky Japanese girl , but her sense always lead her way to meet Kim Hyun Joong.
So we decided to trust in her sense, our tickets was bought at late of 10 am. None of us knows weather he would come along or not … but
we crossed our fingers for this. His coming still in doubt but our flight payment was very clear !!! This is up to our destiny!!!
Holding the ticket and walking around was not a good idea so we planed to wait for him somewhere, first floor ? up stair ? or inside the Gate??
We decided to wait for him on the up stair in case if he walked into the airport , we were not blocked by the guards and still could run follow him.
After climbing to the upper floor, on that time it was 10.30 am. a lot of people making a long queue at belonging check point,
so we were afraid of missing the flight then we intended to wait him inside the Gate. Behide the Gate No. 9 was not that spacious as we thought.
Separated waiting was more saved because the guards would not keep eyes on us too much. Time‘s up !!! we needed to be on board very soon …
But where was Kim Hyun Joong???… no appearance signal of him!!!Just in a jiffy, we saw his stylish and Somi… but how about Hyun Joong, would he come??? Ohhhh we started getting nervous.

Few minutes later, the big-built guards walked pull alongside of one killing handsome man…. Kim Hyun Joong was coming!!!We were fascinated by his gorgeous look even forgot to prepare camera to take his photos.After realize that I was trying to set the camera , unfortunatelyguards were already in front of me , and they didn’t allow me to take any photos ( so shame ,had no photo to show you guys)My buddy who was standing a bit away from me , headed up to get close to Kim Hyun Joong while the guards focusing on me and my camera ,asking him to touch his hand!!!As soon as his army walked pass , we walked follow him and heard he said about” Gate No. 9” so everyone was in front of Gate No.9
Few miniutes later, Kim Hyun Joog walked back to the book store and looked at the cosmic books . About 10 minutes
that he spent his time there and buying nothing. The Airline called the passengers to get ready on board so he walked
to the line and waited for the queue to be on board. This was another chance that we were very close to him, because only two guards were in between us and him.

This plane was quite small with only one entrance , Kim Hyun Joong had a seat at first row next to the window thus he would be seen by every passengers who stepped into the plane. The guards were going to sit both sides of him, we grabbed this chance stretching out our hands to touch his hand but it couldn’t escape from the guard’s notice, the result was ….we were blocked!!! Oh for the God sake, we would like be close to him as much as possible. Seemed the god heard what we prayed, there were available seats at the second row. We walked to that row be hide him and bended down to poke him gently. Suddenly Kim Hyun Joong turned his face to us with dazes. This moment, his face was just less than a foot away, it was unbelievable that we would have this chance to look in his eyes very closely. It was more than exciting , I needed to get a grip and asked to grasp his hand. It was a critical second while I was waiting for his respond. In my little brains created a lot negative images , if he ignored my request and turned his face away ,what would I do ?how about my good feeling for him ,would stand still? But then hi lips were spread a little smile to me , raise his hand grasp my hand gently. It liked high voltage ran in my body “ sparked”!!! This was not the first time I have touched his hand, but it was the first time in very personal !!! Eyes to eyes and hand to hand … I was almost faint down. He was very nice and kind. I know I made the right choice to fly for thousand miles to meet him here.
Me and buddy sat in the Economy class in the 5th row due to the full booking of First class but we were still happy to see his top head and took the same air of him in the same small plane even just for 45 minutes. Our Japanese friend who sat in the First class could saw every movements of Hyun Joong, his wine sipping ,talking with his manager, taking off his shoes …
Once the plane landed to Haneda, we needed to get off from the planed very fast to catch him because sitting in the first row was the first priority to move out. Luckily we could catch him again but this time the guards were aware of us so we didn’t have any chance to take any photos of Kim Hyun Joong .Anyway, walking along the hallway follow his group and hearing his voice also made us very happy too.
Until at the entrance, Kim Hyun Joong took the car , heading to FUJI TV for his Press Conference where is far from the airport about an hour.At this point we decided to say good bye to him here since we had schedule to fly back to Thailand on the next day.All this special memory happened because of the kind hearted of our Japanese friend,Takako chan , who always has destiny to meet Kim Hyun Joong. Thank you very much to all readers who read along till the end. This precious memory is already craved in the deepest of my heart.

“ Love you , Kim Hyun Joong”

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