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Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

[Fan Account] Analyze Body Language of Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min

It just my analysis, just only you who cant judge my analysis...^^
Thank you....


Aigooooo ....
Currently, I just like wanna share something for you, my friends ....!!^^

I analyzed that the body language between Hyun Joong and So Min!!

Try for remember that Hyun Joong share about love ....

1. He didn't like to wears couple clothes!!

2. Did you ever watch the Reality Show "Morning Call"? When he was still with SS501 Hmm ... I forgot the name who MC at "Morning Cal" ah Kim You Rin? Sorry if i'm forget about it, but when there is an interview about if "They all have a girlfriend, what you did to your girlfriend ???. Do you remember the answer of Hyun Joong at that time??!! Yes, he treated a woman who was he loved like a friend and he has brought his girlfriend, he'd always embracing the woman's shoulder. He, Hyun Joong is more like a woman who can accept him as it is later and did not want too much or he would prefer a woman that is soft and has a mature thinking!!!

3. Because he didn't like to wears couple clothes, he prefers to wear the same ring to the woman he loves.

4. Although she who has he loved couldn't cook, he still receives her what it is.

So, my analyzing is...

1. Just you watch this picture, are they wear the same ring ?????!!!!!

2. Hyun Joong always embrace So Min Shoulder's when the event Playful Kiss Talk and Live at Osaka

3. His eyes always looked towards to So Min when she talked!!

4. Because of So Min can't cook, but he will try later and to marry at any time ... ^ ^ I think women like these who is sought of Hyun Joong ^ ^

5. In the couple games, watch the two of them answer ....
For example, Because So Min known that Hyun Joong likes Soccer. So, she answer Soccer. Hyun Joong replied tennis because he will remember their togetherness with So Min when tennis scene

6. Although they have different answers, but answers that complement each other! Especially when they both laughed together in a closed room after the press conference! Aigoooooo .. it is my favorite scene!!
How do you think??
LOL ... this is just only my analyzing ...!!!
Let's see the photos below for a press conference ...! ^ ^

Shoulder embrace Minmin..

they have natural smile each other...

tickling each other

Hyun Joong looks toward to Minmin

4 komentar:

  1. Dina..... You are one great HYUNMIN shipper!!!!


  2. you too, dear, you're the best!!!!! Because we're HYUNMIN SHIPPER Forever!!!!! Kekekee... ^^

  3. iya.....bnr bgt!! aku juga merasa mereka bgitu^^
    sampe2 MC bilang mereka cocok kalau bersama^^
    mungkin ga kalau ada kontrak di manajemennya yg ga bolehin Hyun Joong punya pacar??

  4. hei veri, kemungkinan diantara mereka ada perasaan satu sama lain pasti iya,hopefully!! untuk saat-saat ini dia pernah mengatakan di salah satu entertainment bahwa ia belum siap untuk pacaran karena takutnya tidak dapat membagi waktu bersama kekasihnya tersebut dikarenakan padatnya jadwal yang ia miliki tapi untuk kesetiaan,ia sangat setia!!!