Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Senin, 04 April 2011

[News] Translation Playful Kiss BTS 5

Hoaaaaaa...thanks kathy for sharing this post !! I love it !!
oke guys, here's the translation of Playful Kiss BTS 5


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00:47. - how is it?
khj: i don't know. - isn't this a second wedding?

khj: i don't know what i'm supposed to do. i won't get married. it's hard. i feel sorry for my future wife but i wish we could just go to a buffet and be done with it. but i would put a diamond ring in a cheesecake and her teeth would get shattered...i'm just kidding. i can't get married living like this. i'm too busy.

Reporter: - how is hani?

khj: well hani is hani. hani is pretty. the dress, women sure look pretty in dresses...for sure.

here is from 3:00 to 3:56 since everyone seems curious about this scene.

jsm: i'm giving him a massage. i'm giving him a massage cuz i feel sorry...
- it's the first night and you're praciting very hard.

khj: huh?
- don't you feel fluttery...

khj: no. this is a bit high

jsm: high quality?

khj: high quality't find anything to say. let's just's a scene where it'll get really awkward if it takes too we're practicing thoroughly to finish it in a few shots.

jsm: finish it in one shot.

khj: yes in one shot.

jsm: that felt good? khj: (slight nod to jsm)
- when you come to an open space like the oceanside after being in dusty studios, it would feel a little different...

khj: what are you talking about? mbc studios have no dust. what are you saying. mbc stuiods have no dust.

jsm: lying without even blinking your eyes.

khj: how good is mbc.
(i hope some kind soul will share the complete bts #4 and #5:)

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