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Investigation of KHJ
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Kamis, 07 April 2011

[News] Added Translation to Playful Kiss's BTS Part 5

Guys check this yaaawww...sorry, i've get some troubles, so i can't upload my video, you will see in my youtube for this video.....thank a lots guys... ^__^V
You must worth it!!!!

Playful Kiss BTS Scene Part 5

I have just translated this from Chinese, it is by pqyou9 of Baidu's Minjoong forum who has a friend who translated for her from Japanese to Chinese. It's the part when they were rehearsing for the kiss in bed scene.

hj: Hani will use both arms to hold me and kiss
I will then do the same, then move and leave little bit of space.
sm: at that moment I am to hold you?
hj: when holding pretend to look very bewilded will do
sm: I don’t understand what you said
hj: hold from the back then move and hold closer
then I will get my body closer to you a bit
doing it this way ... is it appropriate?
production staff: if not clear then sort it out a little and try again
one more time huh
hj: after I hold you
this is so difficult
two person join together?
and then kiss, that will be very uncomfortable very quickly
get closer a little bit more
voice over: so then started actual shooting, then the two of them went into character very quickly, aw
(tlpbc's note - so there was no direction from the PD, both of them have to figure out how to do that first wedding night bed scene together?

MinMin giving HJ a massage

Ask :this is for the first wedding night practice?
hj: no, this is of high standard ….
Ah don’t talk about this, pass this
Ask: very nervous ?
hj: this is a very embarrassing scene
Ask: practice tenderly then, can be done in a few times
sm: to be done in one time
hj: right, one time
although it’s said that near the beach would be better but always because of shooting equipments even the clothes seem to be very dusty
hj: aiya, what are you saying? mbc don’t have much dust, mbc is the best

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