Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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Selasa, 15 Maret 2011

[News]‘Correct Answer Girl’ Kim Su Jeong, First kiss is with Kim Hyun Joong?

Remember the little girl who kissing with kim hyun joong opa..??
huaaaa...she is lucky little girl...hihiiii....
she got a kisses from kim hyun joong oppa...
yeahh, hyun joong is very fond a children...

News Courtesy ArtsNews + (chi trans) xiaoyudian@Hyunbar + (eng trans)
Please repost with full credits

Kim Su Jeong with regards to the first kiss with Kim Hyun Joong made an explanation.
On 11th afternoon, broadcast of MBC ‘Good Day’, kid star Kim Su Jeong with her Russian grandmother, both auntie and mother with beautiful face also participated in the program.
In this show, Kim Su Jeong did her explanation with regards to the first kiss on screen in the presence of both paternal and maternal relatives.
Kim Su Jeong’s father said “Originally prepared during the award ceremony, Su Jeong to kiss on Hyun Joong’s face, and Hyun Joong to kiss on Su Jeong’s face, but in the end Hyun Joong did not apprehend it, and just kiss onto Se Jeong’s lips.”
Since then Su Jeong, will explain on this matter whenever she goes to any programs, and stated “If at that time I’m already in secondary school, probably won’t even let me go home, huhuhu.”
Kim Su Jeong said ‘Wish to meet Hyun Bin oppa.” “Boys Over Flowers” is really interesting after watching, initially father joked about it “When you grow up, let Hyun Joong oppa to take responsibility for the rest of your life.” but Su Jeong said “When I grow up, Hyun Joong oppa already become grandfather”, displaying the innocent side of a kid.
On another side, if Su Jeong is to choose when she grow up, which oppa she wants to date most besides Hyun Joong oppa, Su Jeong claimed “Like Hyun Bin oppa this type of cool city guy.”

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